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Linalool (Terpene)


Cosmetic / Ingestion Purposes:

Fragrance, Deodorant

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Linalool (Terpene)

What does it do? What is it used for? Read further to learn how Organna CBD uses this ingredient to compliment our product offerings.

in simple terms,

Linalool is a powerful terpene due to its effect on the serotonin receptor. It helps treats conditions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia

How safe is 

Linalool (Terpene)

Linalool is rated a 5 out of 10. This ingredient is considered low hazard and SAFE! Organna CBD only uses All-Natural ingredients in the formulation of our products.

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Let's dive a little deeper...

One primary effect of linalool is its relieving and relaxing properties. Linalool may reduce the effects of stress which causes a shift in the distribution of white blood cells in the body, among other detrimental physiological effects over time. 

Linalool also has anti-inflammatory properties that potentially help with a number of ailments. Linalool’s relaxing floral flavor profile adds that extra bit of psychological calmness just through its pleasant taste.

Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene found in a variety of plants, including lavender, basil, and mint. It is responsible for the pleasant, floral aroma of these plants and is commonly used in the production of essential oils and fragrances. Linalool has several potential health benefits and therapeutic properties.

Here are some of the health benefits associated with linalool:

Relaxation and Stress Reduction - Linalool is known for its calming and soothing effects. It is often used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation. Inhaling the scent of linalool-rich essential oils, such as lavender or bergamot, can have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Antioxidant Properties - Linalool possesses antioxidant properties that help protect cells and tissues from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. This antioxidant activity may contribute to overall health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects - Linalool has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is associated with various health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. Linalool's anti-inflammatory effects may help manage these conditions.

Pain Relief - Linalool may have analgesic properties, which means it can help alleviate pain. It may be beneficial in managing various types of pain, including headaches and muscle discomfort.

Sleep Improvement - Linalool's relaxing effects can promote better sleep quality. Inhaling the aroma of linalool-rich essential oils before bedtime may help individuals with insomnia or sleep disturbances.

Anti-Anxiety and Antidepressant Effects - Linalool may have anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. It can positively influence mood and emotional well-being, making it a potential natural remedy for individuals experiencing anxiety or depression.

Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Activity - Linalool has been studied for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It may help combat various pathogens, making it useful in cleaning products and for promoting good hygiene.

Pain Management in Cancer Patients - Linalool has shown promise in helping cancer patients manage pain, particularly cancer-related pain. It may be used alongside conventional pain management therapies.

Neuroprotective Effects - Research suggests that linalool may have neuroprotective properties. It can help protect brain cells from damage and may be beneficial in conditions like Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Anti-Convulsant Properties - Linalool has been investigated for its potential to reduce seizures. It may have an anti-convulsant effect and could be considered for individuals with epilepsy.

Skin Health - Linalool is used in skincare products for its potential to promote skin health. It can help soothe irritated or inflamed skin and may be used in the treatment of various skin conditions.

Respiratory Health - Linalool-rich essential oils may help alleviate respiratory issues, such as coughs and bronchial spasms. It can act as a bronchodilator and contribute to easier breathing.

While linalool offers potential health benefits, individual responses can vary, and it's important to use linalool-containing products, especially essential oils, with caution to avoid skin sensitivities or allergic reactions. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using linalool-rich products or supplements for specific health concerns, particularly if you have underlying medical conditions or are taking medications.

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Linalool (Terpene)

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